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New Zealand based research

Unitec Institute of Technology

Unitec Institute of Technology has been working with key industry partners (including Auckland Council and Landcare Research) to investigate living roofs in the New Zealand context. Key research projects include biodiversity monitoring on the Waitakere Civic living roof, NZ indigenous plant selection for living roofs, substrate selection and performance, urban agriculture and skink conservation potential of living roofs. Renée Davies is the principle researcher and can be contacted at

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Research Papers

Islands in the sky, urban biodiversity enhancement in NZ on indigenous living roof landscapes – Unitec Institute of Technology, Landcare Research and Entecol Ltd

Elevated Enclaves – Living Roof Biodiversity Enhancement Through Prosthetic Habitats – Unitec Institute of Technology, Tonkin & Taylor Ltd, Entecol Ltd and Landcare Research

Elevated Enclaves – Powerpoint Presentation to support Paper 

Elevated Enclaves – Poster presentation of research

Living Roof Posters: Enhancing Water Supply & Water Quality - Landcare Research & University of Auckland

Seismic Response of Living Roofs - University of Auckland

Do living roofs perform to expectations in NZ presentation - University of Auckland and Landcare Research, 2010

Stormwater Mitigation by Auckland Green Roofs Paper - University of Auckland and Landcare Research, 2009.


Overseas based research

Report on the Environmental Benefits and Costs of Green Roof Technology for the City of Toronto, 2004, Prepared by Ryerson University

Greater Manchester Green Roof Feasibility Study

Research Paper on Use of Extensive Green Roofs by Wild Bees

Rare Invertebrates Colonizing Green Roofs in London

Space for Urban Wildlife: Designing Green Roofs as Habitats in Switzerland

Ground-Nesting Birds on Green Roofs in Switzerland: Preliminary Observations