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The Nuralite reputation, which has been built over 40 years, continues to grow because we insist on employing dedicated waterproofing professionals, using only the best products and ensuring the authorized applicator network is top notch.

When dealing with Nuralite - The Flat Roof Experts - you can be confident of receiving sound technical information and warranted perfor

mance with tested and proven Nuralite systems.

Nuralite products have been installed on many of New Zealand’s leading buildings including The Beehive, The Vector Arena, Te Papa and most recently The Supreme Court of New Zealand.

At Nuralite we do not rest on our laurels.  We are continually researching international trends to ensure we offer the best available products.  We have introduced Warm Roof insulation so that Flat Roof buildings can be more energy efficient and our Green Roof range underlines our commitment to market innovation.

Product Details

The Nuraply range of roofing and waterproofing systems is composed of Atactic polypropylene (APP) modified bitumen sheets 3mm or 4mm thick, reinforced with spunbond non-woven polyester.

The base of the membrane is adhered to the substrate with a proprietary glue to ensure the membrane is stuck tight without risk of damage. A two-layer installation is achieved with a capsheet being heat-fused onto the Nurabasesheet underlay. Nuraply 3PG Membrane is used as the Capsheet for a Living Roof. Nuraply 3PG is 4mm thick with a root retardant additive to protect the membrane from root damage.

If the Living Roof is part of a major construction project, Neuchatel is often the preferred choice. Neuchatel is laid 20mm thick using molten asphalt - making it extremely tough, durable and able to easily handle the rough knocks dealt to waterproofing systems on construction sites.

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