NZI Centre

Location:  NZI Centre, 1 Fanshawe Street, Auckland

Client:  IAG

Architect:  Jasmax

Roof Contractor:  Main contractor - Scarbro

Green Roof Design & Installation:  Greenroofs Ltd

Green Roof Type:  Extensive roof

Development Type:  Commercial office space

Green Roof Brief:  Roof top garden adjacent to staff outdoor area.  Used to reduce stormwater runoff plus any runoff from the roof to be used for flushing toilets.  The building is hoping to achieve a 5 star Green Star rating for sustainable design from the NZGBC – the green roof will achieve points under the Green Star NZ certification process.

Green Roof Design:  Average substrate depth of 50 – 75mm. Substrate made up from organic and inorganic matter and pumice based, sourced from within the North Island.  Plants used were a variety of sedum/succulents (7 types in all) plus exotic iceplant. These were manually plug-planted into the substrate. The plants were chosen for their hardiness plus the different colours they turn throughout the year.

Size:  350m2

Comments:  Minimal maintenance will be required especially once the plants become established.

Completion Date:  May 2009