Living Urbanism


Living Urbanim is an organisation that works in the field of sustainable development and offers the services of Environmental Planning, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture.  This is a different company – with a percentage of profits being used to support people to work on projects for the greater good. We are doing this by developing accounts in which people can accumulate income from business driven projects and pay themselves while working on pro-bono, voluntary work or start up projects.

Living Urbanism has been set up as a highly collaborative organisation working closely with developers, local and regional aurthorities, urban designers, engineers, landscape architects and other consultants as required for projects.

We have ascertained the need for our initiative as currently there are a number of projects, especially community based, which cannot afford planning advice or have difficulty funding environmental initatives. Examples of this include community energy schemes, community gardens, living roof design and installation and such projects that help alleviate fuel poverty, mitigate climate change, enhance the environment and support community wellbeing.

There is a greater recognition of the importance that our environmental and social benefits provide.  Having a well-informed, respected and ethically driven organisation will be beneficial in the development of relationships with community and business.

Living Urbanism will benefit the wider society whilst acheiving the desired outcomes for your project.

Living Urbanism

Zoë Cooper, Director
4 Roby Street, Auckland 0610, New Zealand

t: 0064 (21) 832 908