Greenroofs Ltd (formerly known as BHC (NZ) Ltd) was established in 2005.

Will Thorne (Director) has a degree in Rural Resource Management and has been trialing green roofs in New Zealand since June 2003. He also runs a complimentary irrigation business based in Auckland (

Clare Thorne (Director) has a background and interest in sustainable building design. She previously worked in local government as a Property Policy Analyst; for the Ministry of Education Northern Region on school property and also contracted to the NZ Green Building Council to project manage the development of the Greenstar NZ – Education Tool which was released in 2009. Clare is Greenstar NZ Accredited.

Greenroofs Ltd is unique to New Zealand and offers a comprehensive, specialised green roof service, from concept design through to installation.  A technical consultancy service is also available.

Greenroofs Ltd specialise in all types of green or living roofs; extensive, semi-intensive and intensive, using sedum/succulent plants, native plants and grasses, shrubs or even grass turf. For smaller green roof projects a DIY kit is now also available.

To date Greenroofs Ltd. have been involved with the installation of the green roofs at the University of Auckland and the award-winning roof at Waitakere Civic Centre in Henderson. The company have also supplied and installed green roofs at the University of Waikato and the NZI building in Fanshawe Street in Auckland. Future projects include a government building in Wellington, a residential house in Cambridge and school in the South Island.

At Greenroofs Ltd we are totally committed to the service and product that we provide. At a time when every one of us is affected in some form or another by climate change, we believe that the increased use of plants will be THE solution to many of the environmental issues posed by the urban environment, now and into the future.

Greenroofs Limited

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Will Thorne
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Clare Thorne
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