Living Roofs

We are an independent organisation that is promoting the uptake of green roofs in New Zealand.  Living Roofs is a resource for information, which is supported and sponsored by leading green roof companies, authorities and organisations.  On this website you will be able to find the latest information, research and case studies of projects here in New Zealand.

Green roofs or living roofs are intentionally vegetated roofs.  Living roofs can be ornamental roof gardens, naturally vegetated roofs and also biodiversity roofs.

Living Roofs has been designed as an essential tool for the public to use during green roof consideration and development.  Its goal is to provide advice on making sure your development contributes to the long-term environmental quality of our country, whilst maximising the benefits desired.  The increasing impacts of climate change mean this is more important now than ever before.  This website also provides examples of sites where this good practice has already been applied.  This website will be constantly evolving with new case studies, research, issues and ideas.

Our Vision

We want living roofs to be mainstream for new and retrofit development within NZ. We are aiming for developers, planners, architects, engineers, landscape architects and property owners to promote the use of living roofs to:

  • Deliver better quality places in New Zealand
  • Create a more sustainable New Zealand
  • Adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change
  • Create low carbon cities